When was the last time that you and your family went on a really memorable holiday that was full of fun and laughter? It’s a sure bet that most families just go to the same old places year after year because it’s the easiest and most convenient thing to do. The problem is that this kind of familiarity might be easy, but it usually doesn’t end up creating the best memories or the most fun. So, what can you do during the end of year school holidays that will satisfy everyone in the family?

Go to Sydney and Have a Real Blast!

The really good news is that there are still some fun and innovative holidays to be found right here in our own Aussie backyard. Sydney may be a big city with a rich colonial history, but when was the last time you visited? Have you always wanted to see it with fresh eyes?

If you love unique shows, such asThe Amazing Race, and have always wanted to do something similar, Sydney offers something really wonderful. Fantastic Race Sydney have fun things to do that all ages will enjoy, thus satisfying everyone in the family.

Racing Through Sydney and Seeing the Sights

So, why should your family consider going to a place such as the Fantastic Race in Sydney? Consider the following benefits:

  • Stimulating: The race is like trying to solve a mystery against the clock. Families will race around some of the most scenic areas of Sydney and try to solve puzzles against other families and against the clock. If a TV show such asThe Amazing Race, is appealing to you, this is a chance to participate in something similar right here in Australia.
  • Time together: The fact is that we could all do with spending more quality time with our family members, but all too often life gets in the way. Even on holiday, we often find that we end up going our separate ways and not spending as much time as we need to together. Participants in Fantastic Race Sydney find that the experience makes them feel closer to one another as they race to solve puzzles cooperatively and in the spirit of team bonding.
  • See the city: If you want to see more of Sydney, what better way than to race through some of the most scenic areas trying to solve puzzles against the clock and other families? All too often we see the sights from the safety of a car or a bus and we miss out on really immersing ourselves in street life. Racing around Sydney is not only engaging and stimulating, it also presents everyone with the opportunity to engage with their surroundings differently and memorably.

The next time that you’re stuck for a holiday idea, why not try something really unique and different? It’s a great way to make memories, spend time with the family, and solve some dastardly puzzles.