We all have been juggling between work day and night, trying to meet deadline and please our bosses. Our lifestyle have become so monotonous and sedentary that we forget to take adequate rest. The only time that is left is a good-night’s sleep. However, if you don’t have the right mattress for some time off your hectic schedule then it is time to think of buying one. Though there is no scientific way to get the right mattress but certain pointers need to be adhered to while choosing the mattress.

Most of us don’t even realise that out mattress needs to be changed and keep on using the same bedding for about 10 years. However this has major implications on our health as we keep on fidgeting on bed and remain sleep deprived.

Sleep deprivation has become the most common symptom in a lot of people. Under this condition, individual finds it difficult to get enough sleep and as a result we are not ready for the next day. We are engulfed in dizziness and fatigue and therefore remains unproductive throughout the day. Sleep deprivation also has other symptoms like blood loss, weight loss and out cells stop to regenerate and heal. Hi

How Right Mattress Assists In Right Sleep

Most of us has a question in mind that how can a mattress altre our sleep patterns. But this one fact that most of us are oblivious to. For a good-night sleep having the right mattress is essential. In order to provide a greater insight as to why buying the scientifically right mattress is essential, below are some of the factors that need to be reviewed.

Right Mattress that Keep Mites Away: We all have the tendency of working overtime and even during late nights, After spending such hectic day and night, it finally calls for calling of the day. But as we use the same mattress for over a long period, it is often infested with mites, pollen, tiny particles that can be seen only through microscope. Sleeping the same mattress for long we are making ourselves prone to health issues and also for our children whom we love alot. Right mattress in terms of its size and foam is essential for having sound sleep. Moreover, the trojans on old mattress are harmful enough to enter our body while sleeping and only attach after some time has lapsed. By this time we cannot actually make out the reason for our deteriorating health. Opening like ears make it easier for these trojans to enter the body causing allergies, skin infections, fever and other chronic diseases.

Using Latex Mattress: Choosing the right mattress is essential as mites are attracted to the memory foam of the mattress. These type of foam retain heat and thus create humidity. Mites usually grow in this humidity causing allergies and even disturb our sleep. Therefore, it is advisable to use a latex mattress that will prevent accumulation of humidity.

Mattress To Avoid Back Pain: Pain in lower back and legs are pretty common. Whenever we get up in the morning there is a slight pinching pain in the back that makes it difficult to get out of bed. Therefore, mattress that is scientifically right and maintains the right posture of our body especially the back is requited. Also, muscle contractions are common which exert pressure on our muscles causing pain. A firm mattress that will give the required support to the body and will make us feel light while sleeping is best for sound sleep.

Prevent Spine Injuries: Another major reason that calls for changing your age old mattress is spine injuries. If ever you had a spine injury and you are sleeping on a bouncy bedding then it is a cause of concern. Bouncy bedding will jerk the spine and might cause more injury. Therefore in such a situation air mattress are the right mattress. These mattress are great as they provide the functionality of fixing the firmness of the mattress according to your needs. Thus ensuring a sound sleep.

If you Snore: Snoring is another common condition that has plagued the life of many. For those who are dealing with snoring find it difficult to lie down straight back. It is one reason that adversely affects our sleep. To prevent snoring, mattresses that are adjustable and provide the required cushioning can be purchased. These types of mattresses usually have high and dense foam that leaves no room for curving of the body while sleeping.