Built by the River of Kings or locally known as the Mae Nam Chao Phraya- Bangkok welcomes the global tourists with its fascinating culture and ancient heritage clubbed with the present day dazzling shopping malls and mind blowing fiestas by the beaches and across the city streets. People from all over the world choose to visit Bangkok besides Bali, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Japan and Singapore.

Vacationers from the colder regions prefer spending the summers in the Far East or the South East Asian countries to enjoy the best of the tropical experience. Bangkok, the capital of Thailand for over 200 years has earned a global reputation for offering sophisticated hospitality to the tourists. If you’re intrigued to enjoy the Christmas vacation in the tropical country of Thailand, you have got a wide array of choices ranging from the super luxurious start hotels to villas and the unique boutique hotels in Bangkok. Per your budget and preferences, you can choose any of the facilities where you can stay.

If boutique hotel is your first priority when you’re in Bangkok, then make sure they have all the given features—

Themed and styled

One of the quintessential features of a boutique hotel is the unique styling. In fact, they follow a certain theme that can be centering their own tradition, culture of the place etc. For example, when you step into a boutique villa or hotel in Bangkok- you’ll be delighted to witness the wonderful portrayal of their enriched culture. From Buddha statues of metals or stone to the beautifully decorated gardens and waterfalls from the walls- the complete look of place will enhance your spirit.

Small and cozy

Unlike the star hotels of hundreds of rooms, the boutique hotels are smaller in size with a very limited accommodation. Usually, the numbers of rooms don’t exceed 100. The properties are not run by any popular chain.

Personalized, unique, and private space

As you can guess from the term “boutique”- the temporary lodging ensures privacy and personalized services to the guests. They also provide a complete private space even if you bring a large group along with you. If it’s a boutique resorts with quite a few villa resorts promising the picturesque views through the widened glass windows and open terraces- you can choose such a space for the complete privacy.

They can also offer one-on-one services starting from a personal chef, housekeeping, chauffer and a home guard. Some boutique villas also provide a babysitter and an expert spa masseuse on extra cost.