This tour begins with your pick-up from the villa resort early in the morning. The comfortable minivan is driven by English speaking guides or drivers who take you to the Java island. This journey takes about four hours to arrive at the Gilimanuk harbor where you will make a one-hour ferry cruise to the Java island. You will spend just a few more hours to arrive at the prestigious hotel located in the mountains close to the Volcano Bromo. All you have to do now is to check-in, have dinner and get set for the adventures awaiting you the next day.

Bromo Sunrise

On the next day, after taking your breakfast in the early morning, you will begin your first sightseeing trip. A local transport Jeep will transport you to the most beautiful sunrise of Penanjakan. This is where you have to tackle the most exquisite and memorable photos or even videos. Your Jeep will then lead you on an exciting Safari to mount Bromo. While here you can choose to try out a pony riding experience if you wish for around fifteen minutes to the foot of the mountain. While scaling the high stairs, you will encounter an unforgettable experience when staying on the edge of the reeky crater of Vulkano Bromo. After completing this tour, you will have to embark on another journey leading to mount Ijen. Check in back to your hotel and have dinner as you prepare for the next day’s adventure.

Blue Fire of Ijen

This trip is exciting as you will wake up earliest when there is still darkness but your vision supported by the moonlight. The local ranger will lead the way as you trek to Ijen Crater, a favorite attraction for tourists all over the world. Your journey will guide you through the coffee and clove plantations and Java’s last forest. Along the way, you will come across various wildlife that is distinctively unique to that area. Your next stop will be the volcanic Crater Lake that rises to a height of over 2.8 kilometers. Did you know that this is the world’s largest volcanic Crater Lake that is acidic? After the visit, you will travel back to Bali to your hotel.

The most notable differences between these two sites are that Ijen has a large acidic volcanic crater lake while Bromo doesn’t have. Traveling to Bromo is by a local transport Jeep while you will have to trek to Ijen on foot. Moreover, the two sites provide stunning sceneries with their volcanic craters and mountains. These are the two most important sites you should visit before the end of your vacation or holiday in Bali.

If you plan to visit Bali, then you need to travel to different parts of the island, try out separate accommodation in luxurious villas, and explore new things. By doing this, you will get the best out of your travel to the Indonesian island. Additionally, if you do not want the hustle of planning for your trip, contact the Seven Holiday services who have specialized in customized Indonesian holidays and vacations among other events.