During a recent research initiative, analysts were able to conclude that more than 60 million people in the world play at least one round of golf per year and that the global golf industry is currently worth upwards of $USD70 billion, which actually makes golf the eighth most popular sport on Earth.

So if you happen to be a golf enthusiast, you’ve come to the right place. This brief editorial will underscore a handful of surprising facts regarding this incredible game and then describe the easiest, most cost-effective way to facilitate a robust and enthralling golf holiday.

Some Facts and Figures You Probably Didn’t Know About Golf

Regardless of whether you’ve been golfing for decades or just recently purchased a set of clubs, here are some fascinating bits of information that you probably weren’t aware of:

  • According to a recent study entitled Golf Around the World, there are approximately 34,000 unique golf courses spread throughout our continents.
  • If you’ve ever felt as though you were teeing off with increased velocity, it might be due to the temperature. A standard golf ball will travel faster and further during hotter days because of the notable decrease in air density.
  • The earliest iterations of golf balls were actually created from leather materials and bird feathers while modernised variants are specially fabricated with thermoplastic materials and rubber.
  • Famed astronaut Alan Shepard was the first-ever person to play golf on the face of the moon. After taking his second shot, he stated that the ball seemed to travel for “miles and miles”.
  • Each year, almost 130,000 golf balls are accidentally hit into the waters at the world-renowned Sawgrass Country Club, many of which take a plunge on the 17th
  • Although the topic is highly debated, there have only been four verified instances of a condor, which is when a player hits a hole-in-one on a par five.
  • Long before the invention of contemporary golf tees, players used to create hand-made sand piles to elevate the balls off of the ground before starting their swings.

As such, golf is not only a very common, widespread sport but it’s also a very curious, beguiling game in its own right.

How to Schedule a Comprehensive Golf Tour

If you’d like to engage in a personalised golfing vacation with your spouse, family members, or an alternative travel group, it’s important to note that some of today’s best-rated travel agencies specialise in providing economical golf holiday deals throughout the year.

Thus, simply by reaching out to an acclaimed team of golf travel experts, you’ll gain access to an intuitive, streamlined process:

  1. Work handinhand with a dexterous in-house specialist to pinpoint a suitable destination ranging from France or Portugal all the way to Argentina, New Zealand, and countless other countries.
  2. Create a customised programme based on the most popular courses and clubs in your country of choice; you can golf as much or as little as you wish.
  3. Schedule all of the required transportation solutions including airport transfers, site-to-site conveyance, and trips to local events.
  4. Establish alternative entertainment plans such as wine tours, fine dining dates, luxurious cruises, and other destination-specific magnetisms.
  5. Book your accommodation and obtain all of the required vouchers, airplane tickets, and other necessary documentation.

Your travel expert will handle all of the arrangements on your behalf and by the end of the process, you’ll have an inclusive, tailor-made itinerary waiting for you. So be sure to visit the website of a distinguished golf tour organisation at your earliest convenience.