If you are traveling to Europe and you did not visit Spain, then the trip is incomplete. With bright clothes, classic traditions, beautiful places to visit, Spain is a must-visit destination. There are many places in Spain that you can visit. To know more about the tourist places and activities in Spain, one can consult companies like “Partiesta- the party never stops in Spain.”

  • If you are traveling with a group of friends, then do go to Barcelona. Watch a Barca football game at Camp Nou or enjoy some retail therapy at the boutiques. Barcelona, having a Mediterranean climate, has always been the centre of attraction for the tourists. You can enjoy your bachelor’s trip to this amazing bright city.
  • Book a room in advance in Benidorm, as rooms are sold like hot cakes there. With the largest number of bars and resorts, Benidorm would be perfect for that so needed a break. The beautiful beaches in Costa Blanca would refresh you to the brim.

  • Famous for its bright lights and adventures, Ibiza can be perfect for a chilled out evening. Better known as a party island, Ibiza has the most beautiful sunsets that you can enjoy.
  • The capital city of Spain or you can better say the replica of New York in Spain, Madrid is one of the most active cities in the country. You can either stay in the room and enjoy or better explore the city. There are night parties everywhere, and you can get passes too if you have some connections or through your travel agencies.
  • Beaches and sunsets- the two things that define Benalmadena. Situated in Costa del Sol, this beautiful city even has 5-side football pitch on the beach which allows the tourists to play football. As the night draws closer, the beach transforms itself into a whole food and drinks space with a number of restaurants and bars. One can enjoy here at any time.

  • Travel north to visit Gran Canaria to experience the best nightlife in Spain. The one thing that Gran Canaria would make you realize is that Spain is a country which will never stop partying. A more sophisticated yet enjoyable nightlife can be experienced here.

One can never get bored in Spain. Watch the bullfighting, or get chased by them, you would enjoy it all. Even the journey to Spain is enjoyable. The tradition and culture of Spain can be found in the old towns situated in the north of the country. One thing that you would find is that Spain is as old as time but with just a touch of modernity.