Travelling gives us the experience to explore not only different places but also people, their stories, the essence of life or how nature actually communicates to you. It gives you the experiences of life, memories to cherish and look back and more importantly relief from the mundane life most of us consider we are living in. Trekking is one of the major reasons Shimla is known for. A lot of people every year come here to spend productive time with their friends and family to spend their vacations. What more than a pleasant weather and an eccentric view to share with your loved ones, after all?

Taking the toy train is the unmissable thing to do especially when you’re here with your family to spend some quality time. Being amidst the mountains and enjoying the cool breeze over chai and Maggi – nothing beats that. Short treks and hikes, hitting the Shimla museum and Gaiety theatre to cherish the epitome of British architecture for families into vintage stuff, shop wood items at Lakkar Bazaar are few things to tick off when on a trip with your fam.

Lakkar Bazaar has everything from a small wooden key ring, to huge home décor items especially because the wood is made of pine or deodar trees as they are seen a lot in Shimla. If you like riding on animals, you should totally try out riding a yak there because let’s accept it, horse riding is too clichéd now. Kufri in Shimla is a nice place to do this from as this place has beautiful nature scenarios.

Talking about the seasonal fairs in Shimla, I’d strongly recommend fairs like Lavi, Summer Festival, Mahasu Jattar, Rohru Fair and Winter Sports Festival to attend according to the season you choose to go in to experience the true tradition and culture of the city.

Family vacations are the best times of the year as you’ve awaited them for long enough. Don’t forget to go river rafting in Sutlej and enjoy the time of your life, giggling and having fun rowing around some beautiful high mountains and waterfalls and peaceful flow of the river with your family.

There is also a Himalayan Nature Park for bird enthusiasts to visit and explore the kinds and breeds of different inhabitants of the city like sambar, snow leopards, bears, etc..  If your kids love strolling through wild aspects of nature, don’t forget to take them to Annadale forest and cherish the experience for life.

There are many flights available between Shimla and Delhi that cover the distance between these two cities, you can check train’s status online. There are many Major express trains that run between the cities.