Those who have holidayed in Phuket are well aware of its sandy shores and scenic beaches. People love being here because of the frenzied life along the vast coastline of Phuket, which happens to be the largest Thai island. Everyone is well familiar with Phuket’s beach culture. Well known as the ‘Pearl of the Andaman,’ there are some hidden gems and remote stretches of sand among the frenzied pace of Patong Beaches. Stay at one of those leading Phuket hotels which are not far from those stunning beaches. Read on to learn about some offbeat beaches in Phuket with white sands and clear waters. Anticipate stunning views as you discover some beach gems and the world’s most beautiful beaches here in Phuket.

Ao Sane Beach – Towards North of Nai Harn Beach
Located on Phuket’s southwest coast, Ao Sane Beach is characterized by rough sands and hulking granite boulders. It is a great beach to spend a quiet afternoon on the sands and enjoy cool breeze under the shade of tropical almond trees. This is a great chance to indulge in snorkeling. Enjoy facilities such as showering and great food at the charming beach restaurant.

Rawai Beach – near Phuket’s west coast
Rawai was in fact among the very first tourist beach on Phuket. Relax under the beach’s casuarina trees. The beach is a launching point for day boat excursions, and one can hire one of those longtail boats and make a trip to the Coral Island. Go for a fishing or snorkel trip. The beach is also a mooring point for the many fishermen who live here.

Banana Beach – Between Bang Tao and Nai Thon beaches
Banana Beach is among the well-kept secrets of Phuket. Dive in those glittering waters of 180-meter-long coastline. You can stay at nearby resorts and explore the beautiful the sub-aquatic. Or, you can simply relax by the beach and enjoy the beauty of the sea. The beach has been named so because of the crescent-shape. Well known for its tranquility and beauty, this is indeed a great beach to relax.

Nai Thon Beach – On the northwestern coast of Phuket Island
The beautiful stretch of sand along Nai Thon Beach is relatively unknown. For some reasons, it has been overlooked but is an ideal beach to get away from the crowds and enjoy a quiet swim. The waters are crystal clear, flat and calm. You can walk bare feet to the nearby beach restaurants. The journey to the beach is equally enjoyable as you pass through the virgin jungles of the island. Explore the rocky coves and scuba diving.

Freedom Beach- Southwest of Patong Beach
Freedom Beach is fairly difficult to reach but is well worth the trip. Surrounded by hills that are covered by thick jungles, the beach is made of 300 m stretches of white sands and granite rocks. It has long remained a secret but is must to be included in your Phuket itinerary. There are great resorts nearby, and Amari Phuket is a popular choice among visitors as it is just minutes away from the Freedom Beach as well as the Patong Beach. Enjoy staying in comfortable rooms with great private views and look forward to boat rides and relax on the sun loungers.

Nui Beach- near Kata-Karon Viewpoint
Renamed Water Beach Club, the Nui Beach is undoubtedly one of the secret beaches of Phuket. Dotted with large boulders, the 120 m strip of sand is really a tropical dream destination. Well maintained, one can enjoy sea kayaking, snorkeling and beach volley.  Dine at the nearby bar/restaurant and enjoy a sauna or a massage.