Travelling and accessories should be very well coordinated to bring in the right look in your appearance. There are few codes which you should always remember when you choose your accessories while travelling. Never go for extravagant, chunky accessories while travelling. They are not only uncomfortable but also do not go well with your travelling gears. When it comes to earrings, you should keep a few basic things in mind when you decide the right one to be worn by you during travelling.

If you are wearing a western dress while travelling, opt for the subtle and sophisticated ones like the studs or the drop earrings. They complement the look very well. On the other hand, if you decide to wear ethnic apparel during your travel, go for the danglers, hoops, tassel, etc. Just remember they should not be very bulky to make you feel uncomfortable during the journey. If you wish to buy earrings online, you can log in to the fashion portals of Fynd, Voylla, Mirraw, Myntra, etc. They have some exclusive pieces of designer earrings especially meant for travel. Here are a few different types of earrings which you may consider while embarking on a journey.

  • Studs

The studs are one of the best companions for women when it comes to travelling. This beautiful piece of the earring is a favourite among the women both in India and abroad. The characteristic of the stud is they appear to float on your earlobe without any visible connection. This earring is held in position to your earlobe with the help of a removable back clutch. They are available in a wide range of shapes and designs. You can find them embellished with different types of gems to dazzle your look. The best thing about the stud is they never look out of place with the Western as well as Indian dresses. So, embark on your next journey with a gorgeous stud to be the limelight of your group.

  • Drop Earrings

The drops are in fashion since time immemorial and are still considered the most stylish and trendy piece of earring. They are a must in every women’s jewel box. The drops are attached to your earlobe by means of a gem or stone and feature another ornament from a chain or hoop. The drops are the choice able piece of earring for the modern women both in India and in Western countries. The women all over the world prefer to ornate themselves with a drop earring while travelling. They are available in varying sizes; some of them are too short to just hang below your earlobe while others are extravagantly long. The drop earrings represent the right amount of charm and fashion and you can never go wrong with them.

  • Hoop Earrings

The hoops earrings are circular or semi-circular in design and feature a pearl, gems or any other embellishment in its lower portion. They can very well compliment your look when you wear ethnic attire. The hoops are generally constructed of metal tubing and have a thin wire attachment which penetrates your ear. The hoops are constructed with a variety of material like gold, silver, steel, oxidised metal, etc. There are endless types of designs when it comes to this variety of earrings. You can comfortably team it up with your long flowing skirt or salwar kurtis during travel.

  • Chandelier Earrings

The chandelier earrings are a favourite among the Indian women. It is a very versatile and comfortable form of earrings. They are considered the best travelling partner when you wear ethnic attire. The speciality of this earring is it consists of tiers of jewels or beads in its design. They are an instant hit among the college girls during the journey. They can improve your style quotient by manifold.

So, these were a few types of earring designs which you may consider while travelling to give you a hassle-free yet designer look. Log in to the websites of Fynd, Voylla, Mirraw, Myntra, etc to check out the latest arrival of comfortable designer earrings.