In recent years, the popularity of student volunteering programs has increased considerably. If you are looking for a global destination that offers the right mix of volunteer work and pleasure, Thailand can be an ideal choice. This Asian country is popular as a travel paradise, but there is so much to do here. Some of the community development projects require help from international sources, and that’s where you can join in. You get to travel afar to a far-flung corner of Thailand, working for a cause that needs attention. Before you take the leap ahead, here are some of the aspects you need to know.

Why consider Thailand gap year programs?

Volunteer and gap year programs are extremely important for students and communities alike. The communities get the manual support at the ground level, and in many ways, it brings attention to the social and development causes of Thailand, which helps with funding too. The local organizations are usually under-staffed, and volunteers fill up the gap effectively. As a student, you obviously get the perk of traveling, but at the same time, you get to know the local people and culture better. It is also a great way of understanding practical ground problems and help those who really need the most. Most of the time, it is about sustainable community-based development.

How to find a program?

There are many organizations, as mentioned, that arrange for such programs in association with local communities and charities. You can check for Groundrocks Thailand volunteering gap year travel programs, which are quite popular. Usually, you will have choices to select the cause and work you want to volunteer for. The cost of visa and traveling is not covered in the program, but the program fee will include your stay, basic essentials and food. As you can imagine, this is a volunteer program, and therefore, do not expect it to be a travel adventure. You may have the choice of extending your stay for a week or so to explore Thailand, but during the actual duration, it would be all about work.

Check online in advance, because most programs have a specific date. Apart from the program cost, it is advisable to keep some cash handy, as you would be working in the interiors of Thailand, where you may not have access to ATMs. Also, be polite and respectful of the local culture, because Thai people are proud of that.