Denmark is the southernmost Scandinavian country in Europe, which allows it to have near perfect weather throughout the summer. Thus, planning a visit to Denmark would be best during the summer months. This will give you the chance to see this Scandinavian country at its best. The only downside to this time of the year will be the crowds of tourists flocking to the sites and the high prices of accommodation. This article aims to provide activities that can be done during a summer in Denmark without breaking the bank.

Bicycling in Copenhagen

Copenhagen is one of the most bicycle friendly cities in the world. Second only to Amsterdam, Copenhagen is also the most bicycled city. Both locals and tourists use bicycles as primary forms of transportation. In fact, many hotels include bicycle rentals with your reservation without an extra charge. Riding through Copenhagen’s beautiful streets and allies gives you the chance to really connect with the city. Plus, going from one place to another will be an adventure in its own. Just make sure to follow all the of the traffic laws, as there are separate lanes and traffic signals for bicycles. This ensures that riders are safe from vehicles on the road.

Food Tours

A food tour is a wonderful way of getting to know a country’s cuisine. You are effectively immersing yourself in a culinary adventure that will take your taste buds to new places. Copenhagen food tours offer an unforgettable experience that is an inexpensive way to try the best of Danish food. Taking a food tour in Copenhagen can be a solo or group activity. Couples also take advantage of food tours to try Copenhagen food without having to make all the reservations themselves. Making reservations during the summer months can be a daunting task in Copenhagen, but all those concerns disappear after booking a food tour. Plus, many times you can get a better deal for your money through a food tour than booking restaurants on your own.

The Copenhagen Cooking and Food Festival

Copenhagen has one of the biggest food festivals in August and September every year. This can be the perfect opportunity for you to try Nordic cuisine outside of a restaurant. Both locals and tourists get to enjoy a variety of foods that showcase Danish gastronomy. Non-Danish speakers can rest assured as the festival is conducted in English, which makes it a lot easier for people with food allergies. This festival allows people to learn about Danish food and culture, so make sure to go with an open mind and hungry stomach.

Denmark is truly a beautiful country that is rich in history and culture. There never seems to be an end to all the different things that visitors can do in Denmark. Plus, the Danish people are known for the friendliness and hospitality. A trip to Denmark will not only give you plenty of stunning pictures, but also lasting memories with the new friends that you are bound to make on your trip.