In case you have plans to go to Mumbai in near future, then you should not miss out the scrumptious street food variety therein. The land is full of options and you can have a rich experience therein. The different options would fill you with so much of spice and tang. Indeed, if you haven’t explored the street food of Mumbai; you are really missing out something wow.

If you feel that Mumbai is quite far from your city like Chennai, then you can avail Chennai to Mumbai Flights. These flights would get you there within a short time, and you can experience a rich time therein. Following are a few of the many street food items that you should definitely relish in the city. Have a look below:


VadaPav, or better known as the Poor Man’s Burger, is amidst the top Mumbai street eatables or food dishes. Thisis essentially bunbread along with a fritter that is richly stuffed with mashed potato.  This scrumptious dish is served with sweet and spicy chutneys, fried chillies, and of course garlic powder chutney. A single plate would give you a mesmerising experience.  You can explore Schezwan, grilled and cheeseVadaPav. There are different fillings available in this dish.


This is a dish that is also really amazing to try. It is another extremely popular Bombay street food. It is a mixture of mashed vegetables nicely cooked with spices and rich seasonings. It is served with bun bread that is nicely heated on a pan. You can witness butter applied on the bun. This is a fulfilling dish.


Typically from Pune, this is a dish that is a blend of curried lentils, capped with potato bhaaji, chivada, poha, chopped onions, and fresh tomato. It is a hot and spicy street food of Mumbai that is relished with Pav and yogurt. You can find a mixture of spices in this dish.


It is popularly known as AlooBonda.  The dish is a famous Mumbai street food that encompasses potato mash patty that is nicely coated with Salt, deep-fried chick pea flour,  turmeric, and red chilli powder zings are added and the eatable is served with fried green chillies. And green chutney.

BhelPuri and SevPuri

If you are looking for the vegetarian dishes of street food in Mumbai, then this BhelPuri and SevPuri are the most renowned ones. Talkingabout BhelPuri, it is a Marathi Chaatthat is made out of vegetables, puffed riceand a tasty tamarind sauce. Similarly,SevPuri is another chaatthat is essentially made of Purithat is packed with onions, diced potatoes, and threechutneys like chilli, tamarind, and garlic; and capped with   tiny pieces of crunchy noodles prepared from chickpea flour paste.  Thisis seasoned with raw mango or even a pinch of lemon and chaat masala. You can easily find it on the streets of Mumbai.

Thus, going to Mumbai is no longer a headache. Pick Chennai to Mumbai Flights or a flight from the place you live in to Mumbai and explore the abundance of street food of Mumbai.