Dubai is one of those destinations that offer up a perfect vacation experience with the whole family. From architecture to shopping to adventure Dubai is the whole package. So if you are willing to take a risk and want to experience and learn a new skill then Dubai is your place. This list will provide you with a guide for all adventure sports available here.

Hot Air Balloon Rides

This is the warm-up for your adventure vacation. Being in a hot air balloon 4,000 feet above the ground will increase your heartbeat if you are afraid of heights. But once you decide to be here and get the courage to look out and take in the views from the top, the ride becomes an amazing experience. The sun would be bigger as over the sand dunes and you can’t get over those views.


Flying and walking on water don’t you find it interesting? Then head towards flyboarding. In the starting, you’ll probably do more flopping than flying. But after relaxing your body and learning your footing right, you’ll be able to fly high. The max height that you can reach is 30 or so feet up, but it would feel much more than that. While planning for this sport makes sure your sunscreen is applied by you before you get into the water.

Helicopter Rides

Booking a helicopter to give you a tour of the city is the most trending thing to do in Dubai. The ride is adventurous in itself when you take off from a helipad at Atlantis. During the course of your ride, you’ll watch a bird’s-eye view of Palm Jumeirah, a man-made island shaped like a perfect palm tree that would definitely be stunning in the whole of Dubai.

Swimming with Sharks

The Dubai Mall, which is the world’s largest mall by total area have the best Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. You can get near and experience the beautiful creatures during your walk. You can feed sharks and aquarium full of fishes. This diving experience would surely leave you mesmerized.


Jumping out of a plane for the ultimate free-falling experience is about to complete a thing from your bucket list. First-time skydivers, you can go skydiving Dubai, free falling at more than 120 miles per hour over the palm tree-shaped island called Palm Jumeirah Island. This experience would definitely change your life and you will always cherish this memory.


 Dubai is a prime spot for kite surfing, an extreme sport that is gaining a lot of interest. It is the combination of wakeboarding and parachuting and the assist of the kite allows the rider to do some cool and acrobatic stunts on the large waves and above the water.

There are too many other sports that you can also try that are not on the list. However, you can’t miss anything from this list if you love adventure. Go and get the best experiences of your trip. Dubai is well connected by different flights from Delhi and other major cities of India. Hence, reaching there is not a big hassle for you.