Travelling across the world courtesy of eDreams can be one of the most interesting things to do in life. You get to see various tourist attractions, try different cuisines, and even meet new people. If you are an adventurous person who would like to visit different parts of the world, the following are the most beautiful capitals to visit.


Barcelona is a city in Spain. It’s the capital city of Catalonia, and it’s also one of the most populated cities in Spain. The city is known for its art and architecture. The following are place to visit in Barcelona.

  • Basilica of the Sagrada Familia

Thousands of people flock from all over the world just to get a glimpse of La Sagrada Familia. It’s perfect for people of all ages and for anybody who has religious faith. It allows you to see the Antoni Gaudi’s unfinished work.

  • Gaudi’s Casa Batlló

This is also an Antoni Gaudi masterpiece. There are different areas in the museum like the Noble floor where the Batlló family once lived. As you walk around the museum, you’ll notice marvelous architecture of the door handles, skylights, and banisters.

  • Montserrat

This is also one of the places in Barcelona that you must visit. Though it might not be the easiest sights to visit, it’s worth your time.

  1. PARIS

Paris is the capital city of France. It is known for art, fashion, and culture. These are some of the places that you should visit while in Paris.

  • The Eiffel Tower

This one off the best tourist sites to visit in Paris, and you definitely have to pass by and take a picture. The tower was built for Paris World Exhibition of 1889 by Gustave Eiffel.

  • Château de Versailles

It is the symbol of the French monarchy. Château de Versailles used to be the home of Sun King Louis XIV and his descendants Louis XV and Louis XVI. You should take your time and visit this site while in Paris.

  • Arc de Triomphe

This is also a must-visit site for you and make that happen. It was built in 1806. It now commemorates the First World War and holds the flame of an unknown soldier.

  1. TOKYO

It is the capital city of Japan. It represents a mixture of traditional and ultramodern. The following are some of the best places to visit in Tokyo.

  • Yanaka

Yanaka is one of the areas to visit in Tokyo because of its perfect atmosphere and local vibes. It has the best restaurants and best places to shop.

  • Yayoi Kusama Museum

You should visit this museum when you’re in Tokyo. It is extremely popular and getting admission tickets can be hard but make sure you book your ticket in advance.

  • Tsukiji Hongaji Temple

The temple is located right off the Tsukiji Fish Market. Tsukiji Hongaji Temple is a Buddhism temple with a unique look.


It is the capital city of Russia. These are some of the places you can visit in Moscow

  • The Kremlin
  • Bolshoi Theatre
  • Moscow Metro
  • St Basil’s Pokrovsky Cathedral

Budapest is the capital of Hungary. It is the most populous city in Hungary. These are places to visit in Budapest.

  • Széchenyi Thermal Baths
  • Hungarian State Opera House
  • Hungarian Parliament Building
  • Buda Castle

It is the capital city of Canada. It stands on the south banks of Ottawa River. These are some of Ottawa’s monuments.

  • Parliament Hill
  • Canadian War Museum
  • Rideau Canal
  • National Gallery of Canada.