One of the things that set Indonesia apart from many other parts of the world is the beautiful islands. One of those islands is Komodo whose capital is Labuan Bajo. The small island capital is on Flores Island’s western coast. Famed once for its thriving fishing trade, the island capital is now a thriving place for travellers from all over the world. The natural habitat and the culture of the people in this island are some of the things that drive people to this destination in doves. Other than this, the island too has some of the best and most beautiful tourist destinations in Indonesia.

What to experience in Labuan Bajo

·        Resorts

Labuan Bajo is home to some of the best resorts in Indonesia. Some of these are Komodo dive resort, Ayana Komodo Resort, Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort and Six Senses Uluwatu among many others. The resorts offer excellent facilities that include private beaches, pools, spas, gyms, children’s theme parks and accommodations, restaurants, bars and a variety of activities. They all have excellent views of the ocean and the ambience surrounding these places is beautiful. Some of the activities you can enjoy in these resorts are snorkelling, diving, swimming, water sports, meditation and many others.

·        Beaches

Some of the things that make Labuan Bajo stand out are its beautiful beaches. The sands along the beaches are a thrill to walk on as they tickle your feet. The morning sunrise and evening sunsets look amazing as their rays reflect on the blue sea surrounding the beaches. There is no better place to relax and rewind than to spend a few days at the Labuan Bajo beaches. What is even better are the photo opportunities you can get from these golden moments.

·        Local community

You can enjoy more of Labuan Bajo by joining the locals as they go about their daily chores in the villages and at the traditional markets of the island. They are very warm to foreigners and they will teach you a thing or two about their culture. The rich Indonesian culture is very interesting especially in the variety of traditional food recipes on offer. If you love good food, then you will love the food here, perfected from the original traditional recipes to what it is today.

·        Marine life

The seawater is very clear and you can see the marine life very clearly. The corals are wonderful and they come alive in many different colours. Underneath the waters, there is a lot more of marine life that you can enjoy by going snorkelling. The underworld too is home to different schools of fish, water plants and seaweed.

·        Food

If you love good food and dining out, then this island will not disappoint you. Enjoy eating out in any of the numerous restaurants by either the beach or the popular traditional markets. The restaurants serve everything from local traditional foods to Italian, Mexican, exotic Asian dishes and all other recipes from across the globe. Whatever you want, you will definitely find it in many of the places. It is even better that you can enjoy your meal as you vies the ocean and the beauty that surrounds the whole island.

·        Activities

The island offers its visitors and the locals very many activities. The hills look great under the bright sun and they are great for taking hikes. You can also go diving in some of the most popular sites in the island. Snorkelling and swimming are also other favourite activities here. These and many more outdoor activities will keep you occupied all throughout your stay.

Wrapping it up

Spice up your holiday by treating yourself, family or friends to some relaxing moments at the island of Labuan Bajo. The island has all the natural wonders that will leave you thrilled. The community is friendly and sea has very calming effects. Spend a few days at resorts like Ayana Komodo Resort and many others and feel what it is like to have nature and luxury at your feet.