Cooking steak is not rocket science, but it’s quite a common fact that unless we cook the food in the right way, it will not give you the ultimate satisfaction to your taste buds. There are several ways of cooking steaks, but it’s necessary that you prepare it in the right way to satiate your hunger. So below, you can read to know the common mistakes one can avoid while cooking steaks:

Defrost the meat before cooking

It is recommended to take out the steak an hour before cooking and setting it on the roasting rack. You can season at this stage with salt (grain sea salt is preferable).

Avoid using low-quality meat

The quality of the cooked steak is directly proportional to the quality of meat that you are using. Although this is a common factor, still it’s worth mentioning because sometimes people get tempted in buying low-quality steaks at discount prices from the online stores.

Do not under-season the meat

You need to use an adequate amount of kosher salt – more than you can even imagine for seasoning the steak. As you are seasoning the surface of the meat, so it is essential that you use enough quantity that can penetrate into the layers evenly.

For lip-smacking steaks, you can salt your meat the night before you are planning to cook. Though it depends on the individual’s preference, still it can properly season each bite.

Control the temperature of your pan

You need to keep the temperature of your pan high enough to develop a nice crust on both the sides of the steak. You can use a cast iron pan for cooking the steaks evenly – crunchy from outside and juicy from inside. It is necessary to keep the pan hot enough for cooking tender cuts and thinner pieces of meat. On the other hand, you need to turn down the temperature of the stove after getting the initial sear on both the sides for cooking thicker pieces of steaks. This is done to avoid overcooking on the outside before it actually gets fully cooked on the inside.

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