So, you are quite excited to hit the hills or the forest to explore the adventurous terrains. You are done with the basic planning on what kind of bike tour you are heading to, and the type of group accompanying you. Now you have to consider to plan for the unexpected part of the journey. There are many factors to be kept in mind, since you will be vulnerable to the wild side of the world.

Read on for some tips and tricks to consider.

  1. Near to the civilized areas

Make sure your routes are closer to the towns and bike shops, so that it is easier for you to get help if needed. Also, plan your first tour to a closer proximity to your home and other developed area.

  1. Mileage

Another aspect that affects your tour is your expected daily mileage. More the mileage, less the time to check out the beauty of the scenery around you, or the sightseeing. This is especially for the case if you have a specific stopover point to reach that day.

  1. Terrain

If you are a novice, you should consider to ride of the level routes at first. Although, almost any type of terrain is enjoyable for bike touring, but be cautioned.

  1. Traffic

Traffic is another factor that can affect your bike tour. Make plans beforehand to take alternate routes in case of a long traffic. If you are planning to take the unpaved trails, make sure at prior that they do have the access to bicycles. Also, look out if the trails are in use by hikers, pack animals or off-road vehicles.

  1. Road hazards

While planning your route, make sure to avoid narrow tunnels and bridges, busy trails of road, construction zones and other similar hindrances.

  1. Overnight accommodation

If your bike tour lasts up to multiple days, plan a route that should include a variety of overnight options. Keep in mind the expectations of the group, their camping experience, gear, and budget. You should be clear about having a campground, or a bed and breakfast.

  1. Timing

It’s all about timing. The peak times of the year like holidays and summer months are heavily busy than others for accommodation security, which is quite similar to certain peak hours of the day for traffic.

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