One of the best ways to experience Cornwall and its natural beauty is to go on a camping trip, and there are lots of holiday parks and campsites that you can choose from when you do. Rather than just opting for the first campsite that you come across however, you should be a bit more discerning and choose the right one.

To ensure you select the right place to camp, there are five important tips that you should keep in mind:

  • Find a location close to the places you want to visit

If there are certain places in Cornwall you want to visit or attractions that you’d like to see, picking a campsite nearby can help. It will cut down on the time you spend traveling to and from the places that you want to visit, and give you more time to spend on activities that you enjoy.

  • Look over the accommodation that is offered

The campsites and holiday parks in Cornwall vary quite a bit in terms of the accommodation that they offer. Some just provide sites where you can pitch your own tents, while others have holiday homes, lodges, camper vans, or tents of their own that you can use.

  • Check out the amenities that are provided

Having access to the right amenities can make a world of difference when you’re camping, and water supply, electricity, and toilet facilities are generally at the top of that list. Depending on what type of amenities you feel you would like, you should be able to find a campsite or holiday park in Cornwall that fits your needs. Some may even have a small shop on-site that may prove convenient.

  • Decide on the facilities or activities that you’re looking for

Depending on your tastes, having access to other facilities and activities on-site may make your trip more enjoyable. The holiday parks in Cornwall generally offer a mix of facilities and activities ranging from fishing lakes, miniature golf, tennis courts, parks, and various other options. If you are looking for something specific you should shop around till you find a place that offers them, otherwise you can browse and see what catches your eye.

  • Find out how crowded it is likely to be

It is always helpful to call in advance and find out how crowded the campsite or holiday park that you want to stay at is likely to be. During the summer some of the more popular sites can get quite packed, and you may want to book in advance as well. On the flipside if you want to avoid the crowds (and possibly get better rates) you may want to consider camping during the off-peak seasons.

While there are many campsites in Cornwall, as a starting point you could check out the Perran Springs Holiday Park at:

Perran Springs Holiday Park





It has a good mix of options, and should give you a better idea of what to expect from a campsite or holiday park in Cornwall.