Denmark is gorgeous much more so in summertime (might have been more beautiful in spring I guess). Denmark is clean – I drink right out the tap and when I possibly could only bottle in the air I’d basically could. I do not see garbage on pavement, I do not see smoke belchers, the harbors smell nice I say to you. Every city features its own charm, mostly revolving around medieval structures, history-laden brick walls and pathways in addition to castles, As always, the best denmark travel guide come from our blog, so if you’re looking for advice on health & safety, food tips then you must visit us for denmark Travel Tips.

Besides background and the atmosphere, the Danes are absolutely friendly (a minimum of my husband’s family and also the people we’ve experienced on the hikes are). They’re very welcoming and that i always obtain a greeting “hej” even from kids. Everybody is satisfied (the garbage collector and also the mail carrier to name a couple of). They would not function as the most joyful country for free.

Now, allow me to count the methods (in addition to the ones I pointed out above):

01  The attitude of gratitude.

Kids are believed to say just meal (tak for mad) to whomever prepared the meals. I’d want to educate Summer that a lot. Every single day which i remained in Denmark, I hear “tak” or “mange tak” from family as well as from other people.

02  Nobody crosses the road once the red traffic light is on – even if there aren’t any bicycles or cars coming!

Discuss discipline. I’d love to live for good and that is enough reason behind me to consider moving understanding that I’d be coping with rule-following citizens.

03  Urban planning and transportation is above componen.

Even when Denmark is definitely an old country, road systems are impressive. Train product is good. I have only knowledgeable malfunctioning train and also the delay was under a few minutes such as the transfer to a brand new coach. Roads and roads will also be clearly marked – knowing how to read and follow signs then you’ll never go missing.

04  I really like Danish food.

Not everybody likes Danish cuisine however i like it. I really like leverpostej. I really like remoulade. I really like medisterpolse. I really like smorrebrød. I really like frikadeller. I have also grown to love steamed taters after not getting grain in excess of 2 several weeks. Maybe I had been a viking in my past existence.

05  People mind their very own business (especially in trains and buses – yes, trains and can be quite quiet).

I really like this! I can savor the view outdoors without having to be distracted. I suppose I’m finished small talks (however i don’t dislike it whatsoever – I’d still respond if somebody talks to me). Nobody speaks loud in public too (ah, this type of welcome scenario – the precise complete opposite of where I originate from).

06  You’ve to come with an appointment before you decide to visit someone.

Great! After you have the appointment, make certain you appear and become promptly. So why do I love this? Well, as you may have suspected I am not really a fan of surprises and that i need time to prepare (the home, the meals, etc) this is exactly why I really like this practice a lot.

07  Castles were carefully preserved and a few restored.

I really like the way they respect and cherish their history. I had been amazed seeing kids in the Kronborg Castle using their teacher to have an educational tour. Some castles were also transformed and today can serve as museums. The castle grounds in which the royal family lives is open to the general public.

08  Danish design (especially interior planning).

Clean, elegant, luxurious, timeless – just however a couple of from the adjectives that you can use to describe Danish design (Royal Copenhagen, Lyngby, Georg Jensen, Rosendahl, Lego, Pandora, Arne Jacobsen amongst others).

09  Color me amber.

I really like will be able to walk around the shores (west Denmark) and that i can look for amber (Danish gold). The best coastlines to search for amber is going to be in North Jutland. If you’re lucky, you’ll find amber in various sizes in most beaches. Insider tip: The best time to search for amber is following a storm.

10  Educational product is second to none.

It’s free! It’s F-R-E-E! Appears like Summer is placed for existence.

Denmark you’re golden to me! I’ll leave a huge part of me after i return to the Philippines. I can not wait to return again. I recommend to include Denmark in your travel bucket list. Although the tiniest from the Scandinavian nations, it’s a lot to offer.